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Plant-Based Diets Support Healthy Testosterone Levels

Men who follow plant-based diets have testosterone levels that are basically the same as the levels in men who eat meat, a study shows. This finding dispels a widespread notion that men need large amounts of animal protein in order to support healthy levels of this hormone. “We found that a plant-based diet was associated…

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Big Boys Do Cry – and That’s Cool

For men, recognizing the warning signs of depression can be hard to acknowledge. But ignoring them is worse.   Originally published August 9, 2018 Revised June 18, 2020 Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. The most decorated Olympian of all time, swimmer Michael Phelps. Four-time NBA All-Star DeMar DeRozan. The list goes on. Baseball Hall-of-Famer Ken…

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Extremely Overweight Men Have Options

By Nestor de la Cruz Munoz, M.D. Medical Director, Bariatrics University of Miami Health System Obesity impacts more than 40% of men. In fact, obesity rates are essentially the same between the sexes at 42%, yet men only comprise approximately 20% of patients undergoing bariatric surgery. For too long, our society has considered metabolic and…

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Health Checkups: You Need Them, Guys

Regular health checkups can catch little things before they become big problems. Hey, guys! You really should get them. But, truth is, most don’t. Most of us treat our cars better than our bodies. We take our car to the shop regularly. We get our oil changed, rotate our tires. And – insert manly chortle…

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