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You Are What You Breathe

You are what you eat is a favorite maxim among those who strive for a healthy lifestyle. Now we’re also learning that we may be what we breathe, especially as we grow older – and air pollution could harm your brain health. This year, at least three studies have added to the long-held theory that…

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Can COVID-19 Cause Brain Fog?

As if lingering physical effects from COVID-19 were not worrisome enough, elderly adults who have survived are reporting issues with “brain fog.” Though not a medical term, neurologists say it accurately labels the confusion and lack of concentration experienced by patients after a severe bout with the virus. “It’s a lay term to capture and…

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The Breast Cancer Topic No One Talks About

Sex and cancer. You don’t often hear those words in the same sentence. Kristin Rojas, M.D., wants to change that. “I have a special interest in the less talked about aspects of survivorship, like sexual health and intimacy. Twenty years ago, breast cancer wasn’t even talked about. The conversation around survivorship has changed. It’s no…

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Don’t Ignore Early Signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you sometimes experience tingling or numbness in your hands? Do you sometimes feel clumsy or weak handling objects? Do you drop things more often than you used to? These problems can be symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, signs you may want to discuss with your doctor. You may also want to take simple steps…

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Is Brain Dysfunction Reversible?

Did you know that the health of your liver significantly impacts your brain function? The liver filters brain toxins like alcohol, ammonia, and drug metabolites from the blood. The connection between these two vital organs is so essential that severe liver illness can cause a life-threatening brain dysfunction called hepatic encephalopathy (HE). According to the…

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Chemotherapy and COVID-19: Are You At Risk?

By Elisa Krill-Jackson, M.D. Board-certified hematologist and oncologist Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center   The biggest question I get from my patients is, “When is my immune system going to recover from the chemotherapy?” In fact, I’ve had patients who had chemo 15 years ago email me and ask me, “Is my immune system normal?” What…

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