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How to Treat Bug Bites and Bee Stings

Buzzing, biting, and stinging can put a damper on warm evenings spent outside. If you tend to scratch at itchy bug bites, you can open the skin to infection. But, an allergic reaction can be much more severe, even life-threatening. Plus, mosquitoes can spread viruses like Encephalitis, Zika, Chikungunya, and West Nile. Thankfully, the Centers for…

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Are Masks Making Your Skin Break Out?

Maybe you’ve noticed more pimples on your chin and nose since you started wearing a face mask regularly (per CDC COVID-19 guidelines). It’s such a common problem these days that the term “maskne” is now used to describe acne breakouts caused by masks. It makes sense because they can hold in heat and moisture, and used…

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What is Causing that Rash?

If your skin suddenly breaks out with a red, raised, itchy rash, you may be experiencing an allergic reaction to something that touched your skin. This can happen even if you have come in contact with the irritant many times before. But now your skin has developed a histamine response to it. It’s possible this…

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UV Light: What It Can and Can’t Do

UV light is powerful. Some wavelengths can cause significant damage to your eyes and skin. Other types of UV light have therapeutic medical uses and antimicrobial properties. The full potential and risks of various kinds and wavelengths of UV light are being studied, as infectious disease researchers aim to determine if it can be used…

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