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Life Hacks: Taking Your Body Temperature

Knowing your “normal” is one more way to stay well. By now, we all know what we need to do to slow the spread of COVID-19: Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth Keep your hands clean and off your face Physical distance Stay home whenever possible Maureen Fagan, D.N.P., F.N.P.-B.C., F.A.A.N., wants…

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Face Masks Save Lives

*Updated guidance as of June 29, 2020. If you’re wondering why major health organizations like the CDC are recommending face masks, the answer is simple: Research indicates that doing so stops the spread of coronavirus and saves lives. The most recent evidence comes from a worldwide analysis that included 169 countries. Researchers found that death…

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Coping With Isolation and Other Stressors

By Barbara J. Coffey, M.D., M.S. Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences University of Miami Health System   The coronavirus crisis put everyone on high alert. We don’t just worry about getting sick or seeing friends or family members fall ill, we’re having to deal with new safety protocols, restricted freedoms and…

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Holiday Travel in the Age of COVID-19

*Story updated November 2020. Even in the best of times, travel poses health challenges. It disrupts your routine and sleep schedule. It presents unhealthy food choices and exposes you to germs. All of this may alter your immune system. Throw COVID-19 into the mix and it reads like a high-risk itinerary. Does this mean you…

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Kids and COVID-19: What is MIS-C?

By Judy Schaechter, M.D., M.B.A. Chair of Pediatrics University of Miami Health System   It is essential to recognize that the vast majority of children, even if they are exposed to the novel coronavirus, will do very well. The majority who catch the virus will not know it because they will have no symptoms at all,…

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Grocery Shopping Tips for Diabetics

By Maddison Saalinger, registered dietitian & Shelley Nicholls, certified diabetes care and education specialist, nurse practitioner Diabetes Research Institute   Grocery shopping during a pandemic can be daunting – especially for people with diabetes. Here are some tips to get you in and out of the store quickly, while still making healthy choices. Organize your…

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