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Be a Smarter Health Consumer

Circulatory Problems: Pay Attention to the Symptoms

A blood clot in your heart’s arteries can cause a heart attack, and a blood clot in your brain can cause a stroke. But did you know that clots or blockages that affect your circulation can occur in any part of your body and lead to serious health problems? Some blockages can even lead to…

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Don’t Ignore Early Signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you sometimes experience tingling or numbness in your hands? Do you sometimes feel clumsy or weak handling objects? Do you drop things more often than you used to? These problems can be symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, signs you may want to discuss with your doctor. You may also want to take simple steps…

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Is Brain Dysfunction Reversible?

Did you know that the health of your liver significantly impacts your brain function? The liver filters brain toxins like alcohol, ammonia, and drug metabolites from the blood. The connection between these two vital organs is so essential that severe liver illness can cause a life-threatening brain dysfunction called hepatic encephalopathy (HE). According to the…

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