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Focusing on You: Dwoskin Proton Therapy Center Opens at Sylvester

New Proton Therapy Center Now Offer Patients Precision Radiation Therapy

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The Dwoskin Proton Therapy Center opens its doors to patients. The NCI-designated cancer center offers patients proton therapy, an advanced and very precise type of radiation.




Welcome to the Dwoskin Proton Therapy Center at Sylvester, the only NCI-Designated Cancer Center in Florida, where patients can now be treated with this advanced and extremely precise type of radiation.

Alan Pollack, M.D.:

The potential benefits of proton therapy are that we spear to a greater degree the surrounding normal tissues, the organs. The doses to the normal tissue are limited because of this ability of the proton beam to go a certain distance, stop and deposit energy.


That energy damages the DNA of the cancer cells, and is delivered by a rotating gantry.

Tejan Diwanji, M.D.:

This piece of equipment to my left is the gantry. It’s over 200 tons of metal that’s designed to help us deliver the proton beam as precisely as possible. It’s set on multiple rollers, it allows the proton beam to be delivered from all the way around the patient.

Stephen D. Nimer, M.D.:

This is the single most important new piece of equipment that we have put on the Sylvester campus in order to treat our patients. And we’ve recruited quite a number of people who are specifically trained in proton therapy.


In the hands of Sylvester’s team of experts, this cutting edge equipment can be programmed to zero in on tumors. Radiation oncologists and medical physicists work together to design a patient’s individualized treatment plan. Treatment with the targeted stream of high-speed protons is painless for the patient, and is often delivered over the course of several weeks.

Dr. Diwanji:

Patients with localized tumors, typically solid malignancies tumors of the brain, of the head and neck, of the chest, of the abdomen, of the pelvis, will be great candidates for proton therapy. We typically treat patients that have cancers that have not spread to other parts of the body.


This new state of the science facility is named after Stephen Dwoskin, for his generous support of the proton center.

Steven Dwoskin:

My father and my brother both died of cancer, and to help people, and to cure their problems, and have more years for them to live, is what my goal in life is.


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